Japanese Stationary

Disgaea Pleinair Stationary

Snail mail can be fun again with the right stationary paper!

For a time there was a while when Photoshop and I “fell out of touch” with each other. The series of jobs I had weren’t utilizing any of my skills but taking up 40+ hours of my time. At that point, another thing had occurred that ultimately created a spark of lightening…I ran out of Japanese stationary! Yes, I’m one of those silly individuals who still likes to write old school letters from time to time. E-mail certainly makes things efficient, but I don’t collect E-mails into my box of nostalgia. So I decided to create some anime-themed stationary paper for the simple enjoyment of having those unique letters that stand out from the monotony of life in the mailbox.

Phantom Brave Stationary

Phantom Brave is copyright © Nippon Ichi Software all rights are reserved to them.

The three I ended up ultimately creating were from Disgaea, Phantom Brave, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Cartoons are nice and clean to work with when it comes to lines and other elements. Plus I’m a big fan of Nippon Ichi Software games, so naturally these were the favored ones to make. The Pleinair stationary from Disgaea was my first test subject. Her elements were a lot simpler and closer to the “traditional” themes that you would find on stationary paper. The format is basic, and the back side is more like a copy-paste wallpaper method. From there I decided to up the complexities on the next piece and was inspired from a Live Journal icon I made a while back. Taking the exact design format of the 100 x 100 pixel icon, I translated it into an 8.5″ x 10″ piece of stationary paper. The effects were…brilliant! Literally, the stationary is a color wonder of epic proportions. Whether I could actually write anything that was legible or not was irrelevant at this point because I was just excited to be able to transform a dinky icon into a full piece of stationary art!


Asuka Stationary

Asuka and Neon Genesis Evangelion are copyright © GAINAX all rights are reserved to them.

Last but not least was Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Her design was darker and I decided to do the piece as a nod to this gentleman who was following up on my work for a while. Asuka was my favorite character from that series anyway, and since I had enough gorgeous art assets to really make the stationary pop, it was my last piece before I went into Photoshop hibernation again. Overall I love all three of these pieces! I plan to do more in the future, but hopefully the art assets will be my own from my Immortals tabletop game instead. That would be a lot of fun!

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