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It’s now officially posted in public other than my Facebook that I am working on a tabletop game tentatively titled: The Immortals. I’m very excited for this project because it’ll be the first original concept that I can actually publish and build an entire franchise around it should that ever come to pass. Let me be wishful in my thinking!

After a few years of hosting Tower games, I wanted to really just put all of my core design skills into a solid project that could eventually platform off into either a video game or a TCG if push came to shove. With the video game industry having a weird push and pull with sales and products, I decided to go back to my tabletop roots. I’ve honestly been enjoying the camaraderie of hanging out with my different social circles and finding out that we can all be united under a similar banner of geekery. I quit playing World of Warcraft almost a year ago, although my guildmates are calling to me under the Horde banner once more. I just might succumb, although I’d have to consider my boyfriend’s feelings…or assimilate him into the WoW fold. He was a Final Fantasty MMO nerd for a time, and WoW is infinitely better in design despite its age.

Back to the main topic at hand, after college my tabletop days pretty much disappeared in favor of forum-based role-play games. This was mostly because I was no longer hanging out with the guys anymore. They all moved back to their respective states after graduation. Most of my female friends weren’t really gamers, but they liked the story-telling role-play styles of the free-form games. After a few years of being a co-administrator of The Host Boards (an Ouran High School Host Club meets The Wallflower), they created Living Island. A “crack” style of role-play where everyone picks an established character from some type of series and completes crazy objectives that are done “for the lulz”. This was the light bulb that struck me for constructing the Tower games. From here I was able to introduce tabletop gaming at its core, keeping all the “fun bits” of playing with dice while completely leaving out all of the convoluted d20 systems and other mechanics that they didn’t understand in games like Dungeons & Dragons.

While I enjoy hosting Tower games, they’ve now become something that my friends request of me when guests are in town and they want something uniquely fun to do, I feel it’s time to take what I’ve learned and apply these elements to a full throttle tabletop fantasy game. Hence The Immortals was born into conceptualization, and it’s now been two years of “writing meticulous notes here and there” to where the skeletal core of WHAT is being played has finally been hammered out. Now comes the difficult part of HOW it’s going to play out, as well as HOW to keep everything “simple to learn, complex to master” as well as maintain balance. To this I will eventually need to accrue a team to help me work on all these details, but for now I’m just going to bang out the basics and see where that gets me!

The current world of Clayne designed for The Immortals

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