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My name is Lauren Sefchik, and I am a freelance “artist / designer” that specializes in graphics and content for print media and game design. Currently I am looking for a home to ‘grow roots in’ so-to-speak. I graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art & Design, and have been questing endlessly for a career in the field I’m most passionate about. Over the years I’ve developed other skills from various companies that have bolstered things like project management for events, sales & marketing, as well as superior public relations that can’t be beat. Therefore, if you’re looking for an individual who can promote assets in addition to creating them, look no further!

After a great deal of soul-searching, it is hard for me to deny that I am a gamer and artist first and forever! I owned an Atari 2600 when I was a child, and after that I was hooked! I enjoy all things artistic, historic, and interactive! I am always writing stories and coming up with concepts while I entertain jobs to pay the bills. As a teenager I started involving myself in tabletop gaming as well as internet-based role-play games. Eventually I moved on from being a ‘player’ to a ‘game master / administrator’ and from there my course was set! With a love for Japanese animation and culture, I spent most of my free time coming up with battle mechanics for play-by-post games or characters that generated plot devices. In my college years I learned all about the various elements and core philosophies of conceptualizing, creating, and implementing games whether they were for consoles or cards. It was there that I truly learned all the ins and outs of being a graphic artist in addition to a designer, and that aided later on when I helped construct the first anime convention in sunny Arizona, AniZona. From web graphics to fliers, from T-Shirts to badges and business cards, I create texture maps from scratch or make letterheads for businesses. It doesn’t matter how the skills translate from one position to the next, what matters is that they’re universal! Whether you need a graphic artist or a game designer, I am here for you!

Great, because I cannot wait to get started! Please CONTACT ME for a formal resume, make sure to let me know if you want more specifics from the graphic artist side or the game designer side of things.

POSITION(S) DESIRED: Graphic Artist / Digital Artist, World Builder, Game Designer, Event Coordinator, Community Relations / Social Media Specialist (for game studios who need someone to oversee and update their forums, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media methods), Promotions Manager, Game Master, Customer Support (for game studios / game companies)

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