Game Designs

The Immortals
An originally designed tabletop game that spans 21 classes and a multitude of ways in building your characters within a land that is riddled with secrets and lies by the very gods who lord its realms.

The Tower
A hilarious free-form tabletop game I designed that is inspired from one of my friends’ forum-based games Living Island.



Prayers of Heresy: The Durai Report
This was my first ultimate labor of love that took one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy Tactics, and transformed the entire system’s gaming mechanics into a play-by-post role-play game via forum boards. It had gone through two additional revisions before I eventually ended administrating it all together due to time constraints and the simple fact that in the end it could only ever be a side hobby. Naturally the entire game and its contents belong to Square-Enix and copyrights hold as such. In regards to original features, I narrowed down the class selection so that players couldn’t create a character with every ability. A new plot was established and the game took place after the War of the Lions story ended in the actual game. Class specializations, new skill features, and a faction system so that players could set specific goals for their characters were added into the game so that ‘meandering’ was limited. This was my first solid project as a designer and administrator before I moved on to other games like The Host Boards and Shattered Kingdom. I post this project here because it still showcases my ability to take established content and transport it from one format into another. Plus it allowed me to freely explore different ways of designing game content from other perspectives. Not to mention that if I never put this game together, I wouldn’t have met my good RP friend, David (aka ‘Bart’) who has helped me in numerous ways in regards to building my current portfolio website and other things!

The works and toils of Lauren Sefchik