The Immortals

Clayne: A world rich with stories and songs, full of people who embrace the various paths of life and culture. Its foundation is built on legends of gods and heroes just like any world might dream of. However, these gods are real, and they live amongst the mortals in an endless cycle of reincarnation and ritual. Some of them are benevolent, others not nearly as much. But they all hold a secret that binds them together in a balance of powers that keeps them in check. In their need to be worshiped and loved as creators of the earth and skies, they obscure the realities of Clayne’s inception and how the mortal races came to be. That balance is now about to be tested, as some gods don’t wish to feel beholden to the agreement, and are testing out theories in how to circumvent their limitations of action. In the world of The Immortals, travel the lands of Clayne and discover the ancient secrets that bind the land together and could bring about the dawning of a new age that may unlock the keys to allowing even the humblest of mortals the power of a god!

The Immortals is a tabletop game that will rely on a dice system that is currently still under a testing phase. It is designed to allow complete customization of a player’s character with 8 playable races, and 21 classes that can be accessed by all 3 skill foundations and additional specializations. The Immortals takes your standard fantasy tabletop RPG elements and streamlines them with leveling concepts adopted from console gaming for simpler immersion for novice players, but without the typical class limitations so that master players may enjoy the flexibility of building an array of characters that will challenge and intrigue them. Some classes have even been calibrated to be handled in different ways depending on how a player sets them up. For example, a Warlock (title tentative) will have the capability of absorbing souls and utilize them, depending on their specialization, in ways that can allow them to be a melee or range damaging unit, a healer, or even a tank. Casters can be heavy damage blockers, warriors can become combat support, and healers can deal vast damaging blows depending on how all these individuals customize their field and style of gameplay. To the Game Masters, I want to provide enough assets for them to help keep track of their campaign, NPCs, and world maps, and player constructs. Printable hand-outs on major cities, towns, or regions can help players take notes and keep track of the details, or even main objectives, that are often forgotten almost immediately after they’re mentioned.

The world itself is broken down into seven different continents that are considered homelands to some individuals, and a melting pot of civilizations to others. Here is a quick introduction to the areas that Game Masters and their players can enjoy traversing.

The current world of Clayne designed for The Immortals

ANASTAS: Home to the Hanmel Kingdom, this continent is divided in two with its democratic rival, Finnlock. Anastas is considered to be an Adami stronghold with loyal Sylvani supporters that has survived countless generations of wars and civil strife. It hasn’t been until the recent century that the last war between the aristocracy and the Finnian Rebels finally divided the country in two and now the monarchy is struggling to hold its remaining civilians under its influence. Anastas enjoys the comforts of being one of the biggest trade continents in the world, and is trying to hold onto that supremacy by stymieing Finnlock’s efforts in providing the same services for better prices. On the plus side, since Anastas no longer owns the area that closer faces the exile lands of Mortis Gordia, this has allowed the kingdom to hold onto better military and financial reserves that do not need to be funneled to their previously owned eastern territories. Instead, the country spends its finances on research and development as well as expeditions to find lost relics that could potentially bolster the kingdom’s worldly influence.

FINNLOCK:A newly established country that spans over two continents of land that was previously owned by the Hanmel Kingdom of Anastas. Finnlock is governed by a strong democratic system that employs Counselors to oversee the construction and expansion of flourishing cities and villages. Finnlock is home to many types of individuals including, but not limited to, Adami, Sylvani, Skivat, Rökur, and the Dragomyr. Though the land is broken apart due to the aftermath of unusual victories, what areas they possess are rich in resources that can support their new development cycles as long as they play their cards right. The thing working against them is the frigid exile lands of Mortis Gordia, where creatures of unspeakable power and nefarious deeds often ambush the shorelines and lay waste to fledgling villages.

NIRAVAD: Known as the land of ancient secrets, this continent is considered to be the homeland of the Dragomyr and is broken down into three empires. Each is ruled by a Regent Lord and the Dragomyr of these lands are very protective of the ruins and artifacts that reside here. The land of Niravad is hot and mountainous, with its most northern part home to a nomadic desert tribe that are considered ‘less civil’ than their brethren. The Skritz Islands that reside southwest of the continent is full of boisterous tradesmen and diplomats looking to formally enter the continent if they are not of Dragomyr blood.

SEDA: Often spoken of as the fae lands due the vast amounts of magical creatures that play tricks on visitors and natives alike. Seda is homeland of the Sylvani; more specifically, the higher bloodlines of the Sylvani. The lands are tropical and full of all sorts of unique flora and fauna that out number the rest of the continents combined. It is divided into seven regions and titled after the Sylvani royal bloodlines’ family names. The Sylvani that reside here consider those that live in other regions to be of ‘common origins’ and it is quite easy to be classified as riffraff unless your reputation or titles precede you. Nevertheless, the Sylvani within Seda are lovers of information and will, within reason, seek audiences with its neighbors and allies in order to procure a higher level of influence over their enemies.

FI’RO: The desert lands of the Skivat. This continent is only traversed by the hardiest of individuals who know how to survive in the most desolate of places. Here, many civilizations bore within the small desert mountains and adopt nocturnal lifestyles in order to thrive in the extreme heat. This world is run by thieves and gang lords, but they all pledge oaths to unify against outside invaders. Anyone can ‘disappear’ in these lands if they want to, and erase all ties to their past if needed. But the cost can sometimes be higher than the individual is willing to bargain for. Regardless, Fi’ro is an excellent place to trade information and black market items. The things that shouldn’t exist tend to be collected and sold at high prices as long as you can figure out how to find the cities buried within the sands in the first place.

BALFOREM: Considered to be one of the largest solid land masses that crosses over almost three different climate regions. Balforem is home to the giant Titanians of the southern cold lands, and the artisan craftsman of the northern fertile lands, the Rökur. Both are stationary tribal races and are mostly peaceful to each other with the exception of a few that are more nomadic in nature and enjoy the thrill of war and chaos. Those who are native to these lands are often mistrustful of the outside world mostly because Balforem has a long history of being invaded by countries like Seda and Anastas for centuries. The land is home to unique resources of immense power that is found in both races’ craftsmanship and is highly sought after by political powerhouses wanting free access to it.

MORTIS GORDIA: The cursed exile lands of Clayne. No expedition that has gone in to explore the frigid, frozen wastelands have ever returned regardless if it was by sea or by air. It is said to be the birthplace of a foul race known as the Nephysis. Wretched creatures that may have perhaps been of another homeland prior to their transformation, but no one really knows the real reason and the few that live outside of the continent never speak of any details. Many speculate that it is the unholy grounds of a few of the evil gods such as Destru, Gorgemal, Hasbone, or Sylissis. Again, no one can confirm these claims since proof has been scarce and based on speculation. All anyone knows is that as long as the exile lands exist, no one is safe from being ambushed by the horrors that emerge from its icy regions.


A formal website will eventually be constructed once the first initial draft and concept art is completed. For now, this will be the core amount of public information provided until Beta testers are needed to “break the game” for me.

The works and toils of Lauren Sefchik