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The debut novel is coming in the late spring / early summer of 2020!

Her homeland doesn’t accept her. 

Three mages desperately need her.

A warlock is using her.

The goddess of death wants to hide her.

And Siroun’s story is only the beginning.

The bookish half-breed Siroun finds her world turned upside down when a nefarious outsider leaves a trail of death in his wake. As sole survivor of the onslaught, she finds herself accused of crimes she didn’t commit and banished from her homeland. With nowhere to go and only one way to clear her name, Siroun is set on a path that will take her far from comfort and into the arms of destiny.

   GENRE: High Epic Fantasy / Adventure

   WORD COUNT: 145k approx.

I am seeking out BookTubers, bloggers, & podcasters to perform honest reviews / interviews of the novel. If you're interested in being put on the contact list when the book becomes available, please email me at contact [at] sefchik [dot] com and I will add you to the database. Please include link(s) to your site/channel/social media accounts, so that I can check subscriber counts. My goal is to send copies out to reviewers of varying demographics as well as subscriber counts both big and small, so if you're just starting out don't hesitate to request being included! Just make sure that your site includes information on what format(s) you prefer, and that you have at least 3-5 book reviews already posted from other projects so that I can get a feel for your style.


  • A female protagonist in her mid-20's.

  • Themes that touch on self-confidence, friendships, and exploration.

  • Multiple magic systems

  • Introduction to a world with diverse cultural, technological, and linguistic traits.

  • Some light romantic plot points.

  • A good blend of both dark and comedic elements to keep the tone and mood balanced.


  • The World of Warcraft novels

  • Forgotten Realms novels

  • The Elf Quest series

  • Manga series such as: Sailor Moon, Seven Deadly Sins, and The Slayers

More to come later this winter!