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Clayne is a world forged by blood and magic. Deities walk among mortals, constantly shaping the kingdoms around them, promising them glory and power in exchange for favors. However, recent events over the past few generations have shown that one side seems to have found a tactical advantage over the other, and the self-proclaimed “guardian” of Clayne intends to put a stop to it by any means necessary. As a result, three women, with auspicious origins of their own, find themselves swept into action when malevolent deities change their lives forever.

Together they will discover the truth behind their world’s creation, the forces that shape it, and change the course of history as they take their places among the Immortals.  

Book One: Key of Arcandus

Book Two: tbd

Book Three: tbd

Book Four: tbd

Book Five: tbd



This project is planned to be a five novel series with each book following a different path and protagonist in the overall timeline of the meta-plot. The main genre of the series is High Fantasy, and each individual book falls under a sub-genre of either New Adult, Adventure, or Romance.  The series will also host some brief timeline overlaps at specific chapter points, showing the same scene but from a completely different point of view as well as purpose for the protagonist it’s following. 

More information to come as we get closer to a release date!